I am Claire Flannery. I am an arts professional and arts organiser.

I am the Creative Activities Manager (Formerly Partnerships Manager) for Arts SU = University of the Arts London Students' Union.

Arts SU Creative Opportunities & Activities managed by Gavin Ramsey and myself, for students of University of the Arts London (UAL), (UAL),Partnerships that allow UAL students to do exciting projects outside of their curriculum. We organise Industry Advice sessions that build the students' knowledge and confidence.

The team also runs Made in Arts London (MiAL), a platform to sell and promote UAL student and graduate art and design through exhibitions, events and online. MiAL is a not for profit organisation originally started by students and is still steered by students.


I set up Artfeelers in 2009 to sign post people to the best contemporary art in east London.

Artfeelers aims to bring the curious towards the more intimate, less well known art spaces; to meet the artists and curators, and to provoke discussion of the work and question preconceptions.

I lead the Whitechapel Gallery's First Thursday Bus Tours through the east end of London regularly from 2010 - 2013.


Projects is a catch-all term I am using here for selected visual arts projects I have initiated/ organised/ produced as collaborations, or through my work with UAL Arts SU.

Most of these projects involve an element of / focus on performance, live art and community/ social engagement, partnerships and industry advice.


Written texts:

Articles and reviews have been published in MIRAJ (Moving Image Review and Art Journal), Circa (Irish contemporary art magazine) and regular contributions to Spoonfed (an online review site, now defunct).


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